How To Design Stage Lighting For Customer Effectively

Sometime we receive much call from the prospective customer that wanted to upgrade their stage lighting system for their auditorium and multipurpose hall. These stage lighting system has been there for many years and it is time to upgrade to suit to current requirement. For a simple upgrading and when the customer requested for our advice and design we will usually provide free stage lighting design and proposal. It is either they engage the lighting consultant to advise them for a larger scale of upgrading or in this case we will provide our experience and professional advice on the type of upgrading.

These inquiries usually come from house of worship like from church or mosque or from institution education like university, school, colleges and hotel ballroom and banquet hall and building that have the auditorium.

When design a stage lighting care must be take on the type of lighting and the space allows. Most of the time we based on budget to come up with our design and this is not accurate.

Making a visit to the site is important to discuss further with the customer on their requirement for the stage lighting system design. From here we will take measurement of the hall size and the height. We will even ask for a copy of the hall layout design.

We will also note down the inventories of the old stage lighting system. You will notice that most of the light is not working and only left the bare minimum. Then if the control room lighting technician is around we will like to see the lighting turn on to have a feel of what is the current stage of the lighting.